Ballp Pit Manila: The Best 60 Minutes of My Life.

Hey there!

Ever envy those kids you see swimming around the pool filled with colorful plastic balls at mall playgrounds? Ever dreamed of being a kid for a day and do the same thing over again? Worry no more! Ballpit Manila is exactly what you are looking for kid-ults!


Yup! You will be surrounded with 80,000 white plastic balls where you can jump, dive, take selfies or groupies, or do just about anything you like for an hour. This indoor ball pit playground is made exclusively for adults or kid-at-heart and just located in Makati City.


This has been all over the internet for the past years and finally, we got to experience Ball Pit Manila! Yey!


The place is not so hard to find but we were running a bit late that time so we had to use Google Maps to get to the place on time.

They are now accepting walk-in customers by the way, with P350 entrance fee but you’ll have to call them first to check if there’s an available slot. For reservations, you have to book for a slot at your most convenient time and pay for it to have it reserved.

As for us, we booked the Sunday, 11am to 12nn slot because we thought that the place would not be so crowded around this time and we can take pictures without photo bombers. And we were right! There were only 6 of us in the pit, a max of 20 pax are allowed. Reservation fee is P299/person for an hour in the Ball Pit plus a free round of Iced tea. If your 1 hour is over, there are also card games available that you can enjoy while sipping coffee or iced tea and eating yummy cookies. Their Oreo Cheesecake cookies are my fave!


They also have rules, people.



Another important rule you have to keep in mind is that you have to have a clean and fresh pair of socks and should only wear them once you’re in the venue. You can either bring socks with you or buy the ones they sell.

We bought ours from Bench (in case you guys ask)


These are their plain socks.


I’m so happy that we get to experience Ball Pit Manila. It was fun, addicting and surprisingly relaxing. Us adults need this every now and then, you know. I find this place a perfect escape for those who are exhausted and stressed from work, and just wants to relax and forget about paper works, like me. Or to those who are looking for an indoor activity or Instagrammable place just around the metro. This is also a cute venue for a pre-nup shoot. Hows that? Well, I’ll just let the photos do the rest of the talking, people.

Ready? Here you go!


These cute costumes are available for rentals. 200 PHP/costume


Here’s the list of card games you may enjoy once your 1 hour in the Pit is over.


He is sad because some balls are deformed already. Could’ve been a perfect shot. 😀


How to get there:

Map: Credits to


Follow them on Social Media:





Peace. Bye!


So what do you guys think? Go check them out now! Lemme know your thoughts.


Thanks for dropping by!






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