Day Tour: Discover the Hidden Beauty of Lake Pandin

Hello there!

Last weekend, I have just witnessed the hidden beauty of Lake Pandin in San Pablo Laguna. It was only a 3 hour drive from the city and a perfect location if you want to just relax, unwind, take a break and escape from the hustle and bustle of the City. If you also miss the smell of the province and wants to be closer to nature again but do not want to travel longer, well\, gotta consider this place and prepare to be drawn by this lake’s inner beauty. This place reminds me of the “Tabing Ilog” days. So much feels!

How did we plan the trip? Please read along.


Before we move on, please allow me to tell you a short back story on how we ended up here. A few weeks prior to our trip, our team (HR, yes, I work in HR) was so busy in choosing the best place we can spend our vacation at as a group. We thought of beaches in Zambales, Quezon, and Baler and since then, we’ve included this topic (our vacation) in our weekly meeting until we’ve decided to go to Lake Pandin. It wasn’t included in the list that we originally had, not until one of our team mate made the suggestion. We did some research on the place and fell in love instantly. Finally we’ve made a decision.

Contact Person:

Aling Tina 09079952983 (I suggest contacting her in advance for reservation.) Ask which package is suited for your group.


We opt for the Big Bamboo Raft with Food Package.

The package already includes Rice, “inihaw na tilapia”, “ginataang hipon”, “ensaladang pako”, banana, and bottled water. You may add halo-halo for 25 pesos/person or buko juice for 30 pesos/person.


Php 360/person or Php 3,600 good for 10 person (Group package should at least have a minimum of 10 person, otherwise, your group will have to pay for other remaining headcounts)

In our case, we were already 13 in the team so we just had to pay for additional fees.


5:00 AM Meet-up

6:00 AM Departure

9:00 AM Arrival – San Pablo – City Proper

9:30 AM Lake Pandin

10:00 AM Hiking to the Lake (2hours)

2:00 PM Optional: Sampaloc Lake

4:00 PM Going back to MNL

7:00 PM Arrival – MNL

How did we get there: By Private Vehicle (Approx 2-3 hours travel)


From Taguig City we head to SLEX and exit on Calamba, Laguna. From there we head straight to San Pablo, Laguna.

We arrived there around 10am (No stop overs). There was a parking space available for us when we arrived. From the parking lot, we started to trek with our backpacks on approximately 20 minutes plus additional minutes stop overs to take pictures before we finally reached the Lake.


When we got there, there were already few tourists around. I’ve learned from my friend that this place gets fully booked at some days so better reserve your slot ahead of time.

We couldn’t stop taking pictures of the place. The place was WOW!

Few minutes later, we were asked to get ready and change to our swimming clothes for the tour. Good thing there is a men and women comfort room available for us to change clothes but had to pay 10/person.

The tour was only good for 2 hours and that tour you’ll get to enjoy the view while the bamboo raft is being brought from one end of the lake to the other. You may enjoy the food while the raft is moving. I guess you may also bring your own food for feast.


I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of this place because I don’t want miss a single thing. Everyone was amazed and enjoyed the view and fresh air.

When we have reached our stop, we started eating and swimming. I also like the fact that there are no utensils in the raft so we have no other choice but to eat with our hands. Probinsya feels!

The water was so tempting, the air is so fresh, and the view was amazing! I love that everywhere you look is lush green which makes it more picture perfect. I know that the locals there are doing their best to preserve the area and maintain its cleanliness. A job well done!



Two hours was not enough to enjoy the lake but every one of us made every second worthwhile. This place definitely deserves to be featured in my blog. Thumbs up!

That’s about it. I’ma leave you guys now and let all the photos do the talking.

Life vest are required to be worn at all times whether or not you’ll swim or you’re just in the raft. Right Roxie? 😀



Reminds me of the Tabig Ilog days. Hays.



The overall experience was superb! The view and the place was amazing! The locals are very kind. I will definitely go back and bring my Family or friends with me next time.

Do you have Lake Pandin stories to share? Please share them by posting a comment down below. I would love to read them! See you on my next travel post.


LAKE PANDIN San Pablo, Laguna

Contact Person: Aling Tina 09079952983


Thanks for reading!




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