Gerry’s Jeepney: Not just your Typical Jeepney Ride

“Lima pa! Lima pa!”

“Makikiurong lang po sa kanan.”

“Sampuan po yan!”

These are the typical lines we always hear from the Jeepney drivers. I should know, because riding a Jeepney has been a typical everyday routine of mine. I ride one going to work and off to home. Now, how about Eating inside the Jeepney in a Pinoy Jeepney inspired Restaurant? Pretty exciting right?

Please read along!

The boyfriend and I have came up with this idea to try and discover new things every weekend. Restaurants, museums, food, etc. so the first on our list is Gerry’s Jeepney. We originally wanted to go to their Maginhawa Street branch but it was a bit far from us. Good thing they have another branch in in Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

Kapitolyo has already been a popular food destinations here in the metro where you’ll find a lot of food haunts available left and right. Good thing Gerry’s Jeepney resto has this very colorful vibe that made it easy for us to find the place.

The place was pretty cool, quite big and very colorful. The place is also decorative and the owner made the place as if you are really in a real Jeepney terminal. Pretty cool!



There are I think 6 parked Jeepneys near the entrance area of the restaurant. Inside, is an air-conditioned area with wooden tables and chair for others to dine in.

To complete the experience of course, we opt to dine in one of the parked Jeepneys.


Each Jeepneys has their own unique styles and themes. The Sari Manok, Mabuhay, Caravan, Kapre, Cherry Mobile and Sari Sari Store. The interior is big enough and has long tables that accommodate large groups. Perfect not only for Barkada’s but also for Families.

Now, one of the things Jeepneys are known for is its funny decorations and Gerry’s Jeepney made sure they got that covered too.


There are cozy comforts too. I like it!




From the interiors to decorations, to music and to food, everything is maka-Pinoy. They serve traditional Filipino foods for feasts and Boodle Fights which they serve in Banana Leaf. There a lot of  packages to choose from but since we were just two, we just ordered Ala Carte. We had Crispy Pata, Bagoong Rice, Ensaladang Mangga and Bottom less Iced Tea.


Crispy Pata 375 Php (Good for 2-3 persons)
Jeepney Fried Rice 120 Php (Good for 2-3 person) – This rice was perfect for Crispy Pata. I just love Bagoong rice.
Ensaladang Mangga 80 Php

I loved the food. I find the prices a little bit steep though given that we were just two. But overall, the food was good. It was such a fun and unique dine in experience for us. This is a perfect place to bond with Families and friends. Will definitely go back and bring our families with us next time.


Go check them out now! ☺


72 East Capitol Dr. Bgy. Kapitolyo Pasig City, Philippines



For Reservations: Call 7460465


Thanks for reading everyone. Hope to see you on my next post!






2 thoughts on “Gerry’s Jeepney: Not just your Typical Jeepney Ride

  1. Ang cool nmn sana mayaman dn ako kagaya niyo para ma experience ko. at magkaroon sana ako ng time busy sa work eh! malibre ko lang tlga yung taong minamahal ko magiging ok na ko
    Makitat makasama mo lang sya buong buo na tlga araw ko 🙂


    1. Hi BNMC, yeah, the place is really cool! You go ahead and check out the place, it’s in Kapitolyo, you will surely enjoy the food! 🙂


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