Jamie’s: Pastels and Slice and Everything Nice

Brace yourselves people because this newly opened cafe is about to take you to the world of Pastels and Unicorns and so much more!

Can you already feel my excitement to share with you my experience in Jamie’s? Well, I hope so, because here it is!

Whenever I discover new cool places, I always make sure to squeeze them in my “places-to-visit-soon” list. So when I found out about Jamie’s Cakery & Kitchen, a cute pastel themed Cafe, I wanted to visit the place right away! It only took me couple of swipes on their Instagram and Facebook account and then I quickly made a reservation for two.


Note: On your visit, make sure your phone is fully charged, you have some extra batt and power banks with you because you’ll surely wont stop taking photos of this place.



Located in Taytay, Rizal, near Sienna College and Tropical Taytay. This Café is pretty small but it will surely make your stay homey and cozy with it’s pastel color-scheme and instagrammable interiors everywhere you look. From their wall decorations, tables, and chairs to food that they serve. Everything is picture perfect for your Instagram feed.

Speaking of food, Jamie’s offers variety of food choices – cakes, pastries, drinks and delicious comfort foods almost everything is less than 100 pesos! Yup! Foods are very affordable and your 500 peso definitely goes a long way! Perfect for everyone even for low budget-students.

Here are what we ordered:

Nachos: 65Php

For starters, we tried their beef bbq nachos. It is one of their best sellers according to the menu. It was good but I hope they could come up with other flavors too. Cheese and Bacon perhaps? That’ll be awesome!


Jamie’s Burger: 95Php

For Sandwiches, the bf had Jamie’s Burger. According to him, it was good but the patty was a little bit dry probably because it was fried. He also prefers his patty grilled but nevertheless, the serving was great. He added that their special cheese sauce and ketchup made the taste even better.


Asian Chicken: 89Php

I had Asian Chicken under their Tummy Fillers menu. The chicken is properly cooked, crispy and delicious. Great amount of serving too.


Unicorn Tears Cooler: 40Php

For drinks, I had their very instagrammable Unicorn Tears Cooler. It’s refreshing and has a very cute presentation.


Galaxy Milkshake: 110Php

The bf had the Galaxy Milkshake and according to him it was the best milkshake he has tried so far. I must agree because it was indeed very delicious and creamy. If ever I go back, I will order this again.


Now here comes the desserts.

For everyone’s reference, I love cheesecakes! I’ve seen through online that they have alot of delicious cakes and wanted to try their Unicorn, Rainbow and Galaxy cakes.  So when I found out that all their cakes are unavailable, I was devastated and I almost wanted to cry. Instead, we tried their donuts, brownies and cupcakes. They were good but not too much for my liking.

Donut Cake: 25Php


Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream on top: 100Php


Unicorn Cupcake: 40Php


Final Verdict:

Jamie’s Cakery and Kitchen just recently opened January this year but it’s already making its name known as one of so many instagram-worthy cafés around the metro. This cafe is maybe smaller than I expected and for my guessing, It can only accommodate approximately 15-20 people. Despite being small, this cafe has so much more to offer and for me it is definitely worth trying. If you wanna just hang out with your friends over the weekend or want to have a cozy romantic date with your partner, this place is perfect for you.

You have to be very patient though because this place can be a little too crowded on some days so plan ahead, reserve a slot like what we did. We had our reservation made on a Sunday when the place isnt always jam packed compared to Saturdays.

I was a bit sad that I didn’t have a taste of their Unicorn cakes or Galaxy cheesecakes but overall I was still a happy camper. Besides, I can always go back right? It was only half an hour commute anyway. Lucky me! Overall, I love Jamie’s. Their crew were accommodating and kind. I would also love to try their other foods soon.

Bonus: They also have their own version of love locks. You may buy locks from them for 65Php. Pretty cool!

If you wanna know more about Jamie’s Cakery & Kitchen, follow them on social media and show them some love.

Jamie’s Cakery & Kitchen

Address: E Rodriguez Avenue Taytay, Rizal
Contact: 0916 469 3712
Email: jamies.cakeryandkitchen@gmail.com
FB: @jamies.cakeryandkitchen
IG: @jamies.cakeryandkitchen


Here are their schedule:

Monday:       Closed
Tuesday:       12:00PM – 10:00PM
Wednesday: 12:00PM – 10:00PM
Thursday:     12:00PM – 10:00PM
Friday:        12:00PM – 10:00PM
Saturday:      12:00PM –  10:00PM
Sunday:        3:00PM – 10:00PM

How to get there:


From Edsa Ortigas: You may ride Jeepney going to Taytay, Angono, Antipolo or G-Liner/RRCG bus going to Taytay or Cainta and ask to drop you off Tropical Taytay or Singer. From there, ride tricycle and ask to drop you off Jamie’s for 20Php special trip and 9Php for regular fare.

So there you have it guys!

Thanks again for reading and hope to see you on my next post. Bye!



This is not a sponsored post and I’m not paid nor invited to do this. All content is purely my honest-to-goodness review.


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