BeautyMNL (Review + Mini Haul)

It was only recently when I decided to incorporate Korean products on to my skin care regimen so I quickly had my research as to what products I want to add and where I could purchase them from. But as much as I’d like to squeeze in “shopping” time to my crazy schedule, sadly, I can’t. That’s why I am super thankful that Online Shops exist where we can easily browse and purchase products at the comfort of our home or without having to go to the mall anymore. Perfect for busy women like you and me!

“Window” shopping online already became a hobby of mine because I always enjoy discovering new products and being able to read product reviews at the same time. In fact, I’ve been browsing Korean skin care products for a couple months now and there are a few names of online shops that keep popping out on my research and one of which is, an online beauty destination for all things beauty.

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After months of adding and deleting (and adding up again :p) of products off my wishlist and shopping cart, I finally made a purchase and proceed with my order via their Cash-on-Delivery option. I’ve been online shopping for years now and every time I proceed with my order, I always opt to their COD option because I find it more convenient and practical.

My Shopping Experience at BeautyMNL


Now let’s talk about the website first, shall we? I love the look of their website. It looks neat, simple and uncomplicated. I like how they filter their products, from New Arrivals, Best Sellers, Wellness Products to their Makeover sections and etc. It’s easier for you to find the products you’re looking for whether it’s about skin care, make-up and more. They also have this feature in which you can read reviews of a specific products directly from the buyers who already tried the products you consider buying. Plus, you will also have a background of what specific skin type, skin tone and facial features of those members who share their feedback so you will know if a product is somehow suited for you as well or not which I really find helpful. Now, once you have click the product you like, you will have a detailed product descriptions and tips on how you can use them. Amazing, right? It seems like the team behind beautyMNL pretty much know what their customers needs and wants.

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Alright. Once you have decided which products you want to buy, proceed to checkout and choose whether you want to pay via Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Deposit, or Cash-on-Delivery. For more details about the payment method, click here.


BeautyMNL guarantees next day shipping within Metro Manila area and 5-7 business days shipping outside Metro Manila. Since I wanted my goodies to be delivered faster, I prefer it to be shipped to our office address instead in Taguig City. I was impressed that my package got indeed delivered the next day! That was fast!! And oh! They have free shipping if you order P1,500.00 above.

Back story: I placed my order Thursday evening of October 5. After few minutes, I checked my E-mail and I already got my COD Invoice so that made my order official. The next day, Friday, I once again receive another E-mail around 7am informing me that my order has been shipped and it voila! it was delivered to me around 5pm. I was super impressed with the service so I placed my second order evening of October 8, Sunday but unfortunately, there was some mishaps as my second order was delivered on October 11, Wednesday where it was supposed to be delivered Monday. That was a little bit hassle since I had to keep e-mailing BeautyMNL Team regarding my order but they were responsive and very accommodating so despite what happened, I am still a happy customer.

My Beauty MNL Mini Haul

My first package includes:

  • Power 10 Formula VC EffectorIt’s Skin Korea, P390.00Claims to brighten skin and lighten spots and blemishes. I read a lot of good reviews about this product and I hope it would make a difference on my skin too.

my first package also came with freebies which includes:

  • Sheet Mask from Baroness – Free-
  • Origins Feel Good Mini Facial voucher – Free

My second package includes:

  • Holy Moly Snail Sheet Mask  COSRX, P105.00A brightening facial mask and perfect for troubled and acne-prone skin. I bought this one for my boyfriend since he has acne-prone skin.
  • It’s Real Squeeze Rose Mask – Innisfree, P65.00A moisturizing face mask. Enriched with essence that helps nourish and hydrates skin and add rosy glow. So this one is mine since I have combination to dry skin and my face looks dull most of the time.
  • Pure Skin Collagen Essence Mask Sheet – Esfolio, P54.00Boost Skin elasticity and perfect for aging skin. I bought this one for myself but I let my mom use it instead to somehow make her skin look younger.



Freebies and Promos

This is one of many things that I love about BeautyMNL, freebies! Apart from putting some of their products on sale, they do also offer promos and give out freebies to their buyers. Make sure to check out their latest promos here.

Final Thoughts

With over 300+ brands to choose from local and even international, BeautyMNL made these products within our reach. They also made the website easy to navigate whether you’re on PC version or mobile. Their app is available not only for apple users but now for android users too! Based on my personal experiences with other online shops, BeautyMNL actually has the fastest delivery I ever experienced.  The items are properly placed inside a transparent zip locked bag and some items are wrapped in bubble wraps. Overall, shopping at beautyMNL was such a fun experience for me and I will definitely buy again.

There’s so much to check out with I also recommend checking their Bloom Magazine out and you will definitely learn tips and hacks for all things beauty.

Well, that pretty much sums up my shopping experience and beautyMNL mini haul. I am so excited to try these products out and share with everyone how it would work on my me.

Have you tried shopping at, I wonder what products you got! Hope you have great finds like I do. Until next time!



Go check them out now!


This is not a sponsored post. I bought the products using my own money. I am also no skin expert and it’s best if you will seek professional advise.

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5 thoughts on “BeautyMNL (Review + Mini Haul)

  1. I haven’t really gotten too into Korean skin care but I did order a ton of Korean brand sheet masks off of amazon and I really do like them. I remember one of them was a snail mask and it had snail slime extract for a moisturizer. I didn’t really believe it had snail but I checked the ingredients and it was there 😂


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