Bloggers Beware: Content Scrapers that are Stealing your Work!

Okay. I kinda dunno how I’d start this post today. One thing I know for sure though is that I am certainly not happy while writing this one but more of like disappointed, mad, and sad at the same time. If you want to know the story behind this blog post, please read along.

So here it goes. A week ago, I tried to check how my personal blog is doing in the internet. Since I’m just new to WordPress, I kinda like to know how I am being seen on Search Engines. So I went to and typed “lifewithlaine” (My blog title) because I was curious what would appear when I search for it.  So I went on my “out-of-curiosity” research and see my posts and photos. I also I saw a blog post title from this certain website called that has exactly the same title with one of my post. I asked my self, “Was my post got featured on a different blog?” When I opened the website, the content was written in French so first, I thought it was probably not mine. Then an option popped up if I wanted everything to be translated to English so I did and to my surprise, the content was written exactly the same as I wrote it. My photos with watermarks on them are there too. WHAT? I tried to recall my memory if I received a permission to post request from them to republish my post but there was NONE! Everything is copied and posted in VERBATIM without my permission or proper acknowledgement. That is Plagiarism and Plagiarism is a CRIME.

They have stolen 2 of my recent blog posts (as shown below) and posted them on their website with a different header photo. Brilliant! At first, you would really think that its theirs.

2 of my original contents appeared when I tried to search my keyword on their search feature.

I bet this website has stolen all their contents from several other bloggers and probably making easy money by doing so. They have a lot of viewers too! Can you imagine someone else are receiving credits for something that they do not own and worked hard for. This lazy people are Web Scrapers who intends to copy someone else’s content manually or by using a software that copies the contents for them. Easy huh?

This website’s contact information is not clickable so I went ahead and sent them a personal message on their Facebook account asking them to pay me after republishing my material or take them down within 24 hours, otherwise, I will request for DMCA Take-down Notice.

Should you wish to know how to check if your contents are being stolen, you may read this very helpful article from Kissmetric, or click here.

Should you wish to request for a DMCA take-down notice, click here. FAQS here.

Hi dearest bloggers. Whether you’re a pro or beginner, this might probably a normal thing we have to deal with but this should be stopped. I worked hard on my contents and even save money to buy all the materials I feature and I know you guys too, so let us all protect our own. We all work hard on our blog and don’t let these lazy people steal what we love and worked hard for.

Did you have the same situation like this, share your stories. Have a great day beautiful!





(It is my intention not to attach any direct link of their blog to stop giving them any more publicity.)




3 thoughts on “Bloggers Beware: Content Scrapers that are Stealing your Work!

    1. Sad to hear that. 😦 Honestly, they didnt respond to my message on their fb acct. havent got the chance to follow up as well but Im already planning to report them to Google.


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