Liese Bubble Hair Dye in Rose Tea Brown Review

Us girls love making our hair beautiful and hair coloring is probably one of the things we love doing. I personally love coloring my hair too. I used to color my hair all by myself but most of the hair coloring I have tried dries out my hair too much. And then if I’ll have it done professionally at the salon, there were times when everything turned out bad as the hair color did not appear as I want them to be and sometimes the hair colors didn’t suit me. Sad truth.

photo from Liese Singapore Facebook Page (

So I couldn’t contain my happiness when I came to watch one tutorial video on Youtube and found out about Liese Creamy Bubble Hair Color and how great the results were! This has been a rave as a very popular hair color in Japan and when I found out that Liese is now available in the Philippines, I immediately grabbed one in Rose Tea Brown. Asians like me, normally have darker hair and we sometimes get bored and like to try to get lighter colors but there are a lot to consider first before going lighter than our normal hair shade. I love how Liese have tons of lighter hair color options to choose from.

Where I bought it

I bought mine in Robinson’s Supermarket for ₱449.00 ($8). It is now available in Watson’s, Robinson’s Supermarkets and BeautyMNL.


It comes in a regular box with hair color guide of how your hair will look like depending on how dark or light your hair is. The package also comes with Skin Test that you can do 24-48 hours prior to coloring your hair. I skipped this part because I know I’m not allergic to hair colors but I do recommend doing this first especially to those with extremely sensitive skin.

The Kit contains:

  • Solution 1
  • Solution 2
  • Hair Treatment
  • Foamer Cap
  • A pair of gloves
  • Instruction Sheet


Untitled design



Step 1: Prepare mixture


Step 2: Pour Solution 1 into Solution 2 bottle.

Step 3. Tilt the bottle 5 TIMES slowly (DO NOT SHAKE) This is to avoid forming a foam inside the bottle.

Step 4: Replace the white cap of the pink foamer cap.



Once you are done mixing up the two solutions together, application is already as easy as ABC. Liese has a very cute and unique approach in terms of hair coloring unlike the traditional cream color available in the store in which parting or sectioning the hair is still required. Can you believe that Liese could actually color the hair in a form of foam? Let me show you how. Continue with step 5.

Step 5: Do not forget to put petroleum jelly around your hairline, behind your ears and at the back of you neck to avoid staining your skin. (Recommended)


Step 6: Wear your gloves.


Step 7: Hold the bottle up right (ensuring the solution won’t spill) and gently squeeze the bottle to dispense the foam on your hand.

Step 8: Start covering from the roots all the way to the ends of your hair. There’s no need to section your hair on this. Just make sure to cover your hair entirely with foam, and gently massage your hair to get even results. Leave it for 20-30 minutes and it should look something like the picture below.

One bottle should cover short to medium hair and 2 bottle should be enough if you have long and thick hair. I have long hair but thin hair strands so 1 bottle was good enough for me.

Step 9: Rinse your hair with shampoo and conditioner and finish it with the hair treatment that came in the box. Let your hair dry and you are done!


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW before jumping in (1)
This photo was taken December 30th 2017.

I had dark brown hair and I wanted a bit of lighter shade with a touch of red in it that’s why I picked up Rose Tea Brown. Now my hair looks lighter brown outdoor but has a soft touch of reddish/brownish color indoor. It was a bit close to the color I’d imagined and I like how it turned out. The color became lighter and more noticeable after 2-3 days. You can check my IG account and WordPress Avatar to see the updated shade of my hair (Also, I had a haircut recently so you’ll see the shorter version of my hair na)

One thing I super love about Liese is that it didn’t dry out my hair AT ALL! It actually made it softer and smoother. I will try other Liese color variants the next time I color my hair again. Are you planning to color your hair too? hair coloring at home has now been made easy, thanks to Liesse Bubble Hair Color, go try it out and ready to rock a new hair color this New Year!






This is not a sponsored post and I am in any way compensated for this review. None of the links provided above are affiliated unless stated otherwise. I also bought the products using my own money and all opinions expressed are solely personal and unbiased.


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