[CLOSED] Celebrating Love Month + Hand Cream Obsession + Giveaway

Love is in the air! It’s the time of the month again in which we celebrate love with our special someone. So I thought this month is the perfect time for me to give back and show my love to my readers/followers.

When I started this blog, I did not expect to get lots of readers and visitors and it truly touches my heart knowing someone reads and appreciate my work.

Anyway for this post, I’d like to share with you guys my current obsession apart from facial skincare, which is… HAND CREAMS! I have very dry and rough hands and mostly, my job requires a lot of typing, encoding, emailing, auditing, and more and so I find it very uncomfortable when my hands are extra dry. Not to mention the air-conditioning at our office that really sucks out the moisture of my skin. So I kind of like to give my hands a little pamper by using a really rich and moisturizing hand cream everyday.

I have a big and heavy lotion I always rely on to however, I’d like something that also has a lot of great benefits apart from moisturizing and something that I could bring with me wherever I go.

Things I consider before buying hand creams:

  • Thickness/Richness –  should be moisturizing enough to keep my hands soft and hydrated for longer hours but not too greasy and leaves no heavy residue.
  • Fast absorbing – should be rich enough to keep my hands moisturized but should be fast absorbing as well. What I mean by this is I don’t want my hand creams to leave any residue on my paper works or keyboard so I want it to be light and dissolves instantly.
  • Packaging – Well cute packaging is really a plus but I want my hand creams to be sealed and travel friendly. Something that would fit my bag (be it small purse)
  • Scent – I don’t mind using fragrance-free hand creams but for scented hand creams, number one that I hate is artificial scents. It gives me nausea. 😀 So I always look for something that has mild and relaxing scent.
  • Added Benefits – though this is optional, I also consider some benefits like anti-aging properties, SPF, or whitening.

Currently, these are what I have:

Gummy Bear Jelly Hand Butter (Cherry Chocolate), Skinfood P317 / $7– I like the cherry chocolate scent of it because it’s very unusual for a hand cream. I mean mostly the ones I’ve tried have the same usual scent either floral, sweet, fruity and powdery. And the packaging! I love gummy bears and this one resembles a real gummy bear. In terms of texture, it is thicker but absorbs well on my hands leaving my skin soft and smooth. However, I find this one a little bit pricey for 45ml. I mean this might not last me 2 months if I’ll use it everyday.

Water Drop Hand Cream (Lotus), Boomdeahdah P80 / $1.50– As the name implies, the cream transforms into water drops soon as you massage the cream onto your skin making your skin hydrated instead of sticky. What I like with this one is its gel-like texture and it’s mild floral powdery scent. It is also affordable and I could hoard many of these in the future.

Panda’s Dream White Hand Cream, Tony Moly P310 / $5-6 — I haven’t tried this one yet but based on what I’ve heard, it is a rich and thick cream but melts into your skin right away and doesn’t leave you a sticky feeling. I think this one is a perfect hand cream at the office because it’ll surely keep my hands moisturized no matter how cold the temperature is. I guess the only downside is the shape of the hand cream cause it might not be too convenient to bring specially for small purse/bags but we’ll see if this would really be the perfect one in terms of moisture.

Hand creams

Now for the Giveaway!

I will be giving away 1 hand cream each to 3 of my readers/followers.

What to win

3w clinic collagen hand cream

  1. 3W Clinic Collagen Hand Cream
  2. Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Hand Cream
  3. Innisfree Jeju Life Perfumed Hand Cream in February


Simply follow Life with Laine on Facebook and asdfghjklaine07  on Instagram. 

Once done, comment “Joined” on my IG post with the hashtags #LifeWithLaine #LoveMonthGiveaway 

Giveaway runs from February 17 to February 27, 2018 11:59PM MNL time and is open to Philippine residents only (at the moment)

First name picked will win the Collagen Hand Cream, Second will win the Panda’s Dream and last name picked will get the one from Innisfree.

The winners of this giveaway will be drawn using Random Picker and will be announced on the 28th of February. Tell your friends so they can join too!

Join my #LoveMonthGiveaway now and win a hand cream your hand will soon thank you for.

Good luck!


Disclaimer: This giveaway is not sponsored and not affiliated with any of  the aforementioned brands or Facebook and Instagram.


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