Beauty Review: Nature Republic Aloe Fresh Herb Aloe Cleansing Foam

Hey guys! March has been a very busy month for me but before it ends, I’d like to share with you another beauty review. Despite my busy schedule, I’d like to keep this blog updated once in a while so my goal is to try to squeeze in at least 2-3 posts a month. So here I am, writing a new beauty review for you.

Anyways, for today’s review I’ll talk about my newest facial cleanser from Nature Republic, the Aloe Fresh Herb Aloe Cleansing Foam.

The Product


Product Description

It contains Aloe extract and Herbal extracts refreshing skin. This mild foam cleanser leaves skin smooth and clean.

Aloe Vera is one of the most well loved ingredients in so many beauty products because of its soothing and healing properties and I like that this cleanser has Aloe that makes it so soothing and refreshing on the face.

How to use:

Dispense a little amount on your wet hand and make bubble. Gently massage your wet face with bubble and rinse with lukewarm water.




It has a neat and refreshing green and white color packaging and has all the product details that everyone needs. It’s literally a huge tube with 170ml and would probably last me for couple of months.


Plastic flip flop cover


It has a light mint green color cream, it’s rich and lathers up so easily. It has a sweet artificial Aloe Vera scent which I personally do not like.


I recently ran out of a facial cleanser and instead of buying the same one I’ve just used up, I kind of liked to try a different one. I came across this product when I was window shopping, I was amazed of how affordable this is for such a huge tube. It retails P245 for 170ml.


I use this every morning and evening and I personally use a facial cleansing brush for nearly 2 weeks. A little goes a long way for this product and like I said, it creates great amount of foam. Performance wise, I’m not totally impressed and blown away and I don’t feel squeaky clean and refreshed. I feel that it doesn’t remove everything off my face like my sunscreen for example, but then again, that is just how I feel when I use the product and you may always feel otherwise.

I also noticed some dry patches I was beginning to get on some areas of my face. I got some dry patches on both side of my chin, under my lower lip area, also got some on both side of my upper cheeks. They aren’t that visible but it feels rough and it’s super annoying whenever I do my skincare routine. I am 100% sure that this cleanser was the culprit because I didn’t use any new products but this one. If you have read my recent blog post about 7 Skin Method, I did mention there that I had dry and rough patches on some areas of my face that I wanna get rid off that is caused by my new cleanser. The Aloe Fresh Herb Aloe Cleansing Foam was the cleanser I was talking about. The dry patches only disappeared few days after I stopped using the cleanser and religiously applying my facial moisturizer. The 7 Skin Method also did help to make the dryness disappear a lot faster.

Things I like:

  • Affordable
  • Readily available at Nature Republic Philippines and online stores.
  • Neat packaging and has complete product details.
  • Gives great amount of foam.

Things I don’t like:

  • Scent.
  • I don’t feel that my face is totally cleansed (personally)
  • Drying and gave me dry and rough patches after weeks of continuous usage.

Will I repurchase?

I will not repurchase.

Will I recommend?

Even though this product didn’t work for me, it doesn’t mean it won’t work on you either so I still recommend this to someone who’s looking for affordable facial cleansers. Unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed.

Final Thoughts

This product can be a wonderful product to others but I guess not for me. I guess I was blinded by it’s affordability and thought it was really a great deal so I bought it impulsively without patch testing. I don’t mean that this product is bad or you will experience the same thing I experienced if you’ll buy it. I guess lesson learned here is to always always patch test first or buy a sample size (if available) and try if your skin will badly react to it.

That’s all for today’s blog post and thank you for reading!








This is not a sponsored post and I am no way compensated for this review. I bought the products using my own money and I am also no skin expert and for any skin concern it’s best if you will seek professional advise.


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