Why I took a break.. (PS: I’m Back!)

If you haven’t noticed, I actually have taken quite a short break from blogging and now that I finally have the time to sat down, I thought it’s okay to write about why I took a break and how much I missed blogging.

It had been 3 months since the last time I posted here. Honestly, I had a lot of things going on with my life the past few months and It was really difficult to keep up and focus. I started to feel overwhelmed with the idea of keeping my blog up-to-date, go to work everyday and closely monitor our newly opened small business. I felt like I have a lot of things I wanna share with my readers but so little time to actually write about them. I often visit my blog and sometimes found myself opening some of my unfinished work and try working on them but I just end up closing it, save them in draft for future use.  And then summer came, I realized that I really wanna be away for a while and give myself some time to sit back, spend time with family and dogs, forget about the pressure and just simply enjoy summer.

While I was gone, there are things I’ve realized and one of ’em is that blogging is really something I want to do and I can’t just give it up. Honestly, I thought this blog will be completely “dead” after I stopped posting for 3 months. And It just overwhelmed me when I see my stats that there are still people around the globe visiting and reading my posts. Some of you guys are even liking and leaving comments and that truly means A LOT! I’m happy that I have people by my side who truly care and support me with my decisions and encourage me to continue once I feel better. And that I have readers and followers who stick around. 🙂

Now that I am back, I am so thrilled to say that I miss being back online! I have so many long overdue posts that I will be working on and I am so excited to share all with everyone. And can I just say that Life With Laine is turning 1 this 26th of July?

Thanks for reading!

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