Product Review: Meiji Amino Collagen (Classic)

Hey guys! If you’ve been following this blog then you probably have an idea that I review beauty products that help me achieve a glowing and healthier looking skin. It was actually last year that I have decided to take my skincare and beauty regimen to the next level by taking beauty supplements as well. I’m now on my late 20’s and quite honestly, I don’t normally eat healthy foods (please don’t judge) but I would like to stay younger and healthy looking as much as I could by taking supplements that has lots of great benefits on my skin and my body as well.

Today what I will be talking about is a beauty supplement that I’ve recently taken that helped me achieve and maintain a healthier skin inside and out, the Meiji Amino Collagen Classic. You probably have heard and read a lot about this from other blogs but let me give you my personal take on how effective this is. If you wanna learn more about this product, then just keep on reading.

The Product:

What is it?


Meiji Amino Collagen is the No. 1 best-selling powdered beauty collagen supplement for many consecutive years in Japan. It’s a collagen powdered milk drink that you mix in with liquid. It is derived from marine sources which have been shown to be superior to poultry or bovine collagen products.

Before we go any further, here’s a brief overview of Collagen to understand how it works and how it contributes to our overall health.

So what exactly is Collagen, you might ask.

Collagen is a key protein found in skin, hair, nails, bones and cartilage. Often referred to as one of the base components of the human body, collagen accounts for around 30% of all proteins present in the body.


Why do we need it?

Collagen is already present in our body however, as we hit our 20’s, the level of collagen in our body starts to reduce and decline. At this time, wrinkles, fine lines and skin dryness will start to appear slowly. You might also start to feel some sort of weakness of our bones, joints and even hair and nails. By taking Collagen supplement, it may actually help restore the lost collagen in our body and help us restore the youthfulness of our skin and appearances.

Benefits of Collagen

  • Helps ease knee and joint pains
  • Improve skin elasticity (helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines)
  • Helps keep hair and nails stronger and less brittle
  • Reduces appearance of stretch marks and cellulite
  • Boost digestion
  • Boost Energy level

So now that you understand a bit better about Collagen, let’s go straight to the review about the Meiji Collagen Powder Classic, shall we?

Place Bought/Price/Size

Cheska’s Store / 1,499 Php for 1 Can / 7g per scoop good for 28 days


The product is housed in a sturdy can. It is sealed with a foil and plastic lid so this ensures the freshness of the powdered milk inside. The plastic lid can be opened halfway and can be used to remove some excess powder on your scoop.




Fish collagen peptides, maltodextrin, vegetable fats and oils/V.C., glucosamine, arginine, thickener (Gum arabic), emulsifier, flavoring Note: May contain traces of orange, soy beans and/or gelatin.

How to take:

It is recommended to intake 1 scoop full daily of Meiji Collagen Powder and you can mix it with any of your favorite liquid beverage (hot or cold). The powder dissolves instantly into most hot and cold liquids, including coffee, fresh milk, soup and yogurt. Best to drink morning with empty stomach.



Alright. This is the very first Collagen Supplement (in powder form) I have ever tried in my life. The first one I’ve tried was the one from KB which is in capsule form but I must say that I love this supplement very much than the one from KB. Personally, I don’t like taking capsules or tablets so I prefer my collagen to be in powder form. I bought my very first can, I believe, 2 years ago and my second can a couple of months ago both from Cheska’s store.

Initially, I mixed it with my hot coffee and guys, believe it or not, I didn’t notice any foul or fishy smell at all! Based on other reviews I have read online, others actually tell that it has a fishy smell and taste. I had my boyfriend tried it too and he didn’t like it because he noticed the fishy smell and taste. But then the second time I bought this product and tried it again to mix with my hot coffee,  I don’t know but I already notice the fishy taste and smell others were talking about. It isn’t that terrible though but I pinch my nose every time I drink it. Good thing it mix well with hot chocolate in which there’s no foul smell and taste anymore when I drink it.




Anyway, I take this only once daily, every morning right before breakfast. I didn’t notice any issues with my bowel movement and no nausea or vomiting. Rather, I feel that I have extra energy the entire day which is good. I mean, it makes me feel less tired even I only have few hours of sleep. Most importantly, I notice changes with my skin texture, hair and nails only after few days of taking the Meiji Collagen Powder Classic supplement. I feel that my skin is more supple and incredibly softer like baby skin. I couldn’t stop touching my face all day! I also noticed that my pores became less visible and my face looked glowing and less tired. My nails are less brittle too and my hair fall lessened. This Collagen supplement really does work like magic! I’m not even joking guys, I included some photos below showing my broken nail and how serious my hair fall is and Meiji Collagen Powder Classic helped me out with these problems.


  • Affordable. 1can will last you 28 days. It’s like you spend 54 Php every day unlike other Collagen supplement that cost higher.
  • Packaging. Very functional and practical given that it came with a scoop and very useful lid.
  • Make my skin very soft and supple
  • Hair fall lessened.
  • Helped strengthen my nails.
  • No breakout, nausea and vomiting experienced.
  • Make my face look radiant and less tired.


  • Not readily available in any physical store in the Philippines.
  • Can only be purchased online.
  • Fishy smell and taste

Will I repurchase?

Absolutely! Though I have a new Collagen Supplement I’m taking at the moment for the (that I will also be reviewing soon) but will definitely repurchase this product every now and then.

Will I recommend?

100% yes! I already recommended this product to my former boss, friends and colleague.


Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that Meiji Collagen Powder Classic is one of the best selling product in Japan. It is safe yet effective Collagen Supplement that not only help skin to look supple, softer and smoother but also strengthen nails and lessen hair falls. There are tons of beauty supplements available in the market today but this is definitely one for the books!

You may purchase this product from Cheska’s Store.


That is it for today. If you know any other collagen supplements you want me to try next, please let me know in the comment section or if you have comments or any thoughts, please feel free to comment down below. See you guys on my next post!







This is not a sponsored post and I am no way compensated for this review. I bought the products using my own money and I am also no skin expert and for any skin concern it’s best if you will seek professional advise.


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