Anti Haul: Skincare Products I Won’t be Repurchasing

Hi everyone!

It’s long weekend here in Manila and I’m excited to share another beauty haul. Though this one is totally different because if you have seen my post last week in which I shared about my recent skincare haul, this time what I’ll be doing is an Anti-haul of all the products that I won’t be repurchasing.

I’ve been reading a lot of Anti-haul posts lately and for a change I’ve decided to make one. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, “Anti-haul” is basically talking about the products you won’t buy as opposed to the usual routine of reviewing and hyping them up. So the products I will be sharing are those I have already tried but don’t intend to buy anymore.

Disclaimer: Just because I don’t like the products I will mention, doesn’t mean you need to stop purchasing them. If some of these products worked on you, you are so lucky. After all we still have different skin types and some of these might be your favorites or may worked wonderfully on you. That’s totally cool with me. But as much as I’d like to love them, it just didn’t work on me that’s why they made it on this anti-haul list.

This is also not a hate post by any means and I don’t intend to bad mouth brands and products. Rather, this is more of sharing my personal experiences that could somehow help you guys to rationalize and decide whether these products are really worth it or just overly hyped.

If you’re cool with this, let’s begin. I’ll start with the products with the most instagramable packaging among this list.

Fleurissant Lip Glow, Glamfox

First on the list is the Flower Jelly Lipstick from Glamfox. The packaging looks amazing and the flower is freaking cute. Instagramable even. When I tried it, the swatches was bad and the color was so faint you can’t even tell I was wearing a lipstick or just a petroleum jelly. It reminds me of those cheaper lip gloss I was using when I was a kid only this one is unreasonably expensive. I must agree that it is very tempting to buy one of these but totally not worth buying or repurchasing.

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, The Ordinary

You are probably familiar with Renee’ of Gothamista. She is one of my trusted Youtuber and I trust whichever product she recommends. This serum from the brand The Ordinary was one of so many products she loves and recommends and since I trust her, I bought a bottle for me. Apart from its minimalist packaging that I really love, I also feel that this product really has a potential to improve my skin condition and I don’t hate it. And can I just mention that this product and brand has the simplest and shortest ingredient list I have ever came across? However, there are few things I don’t like about this product. One is its scent. It’s fragrance free but I still smell a hint of plastic-y, paste-like scent. Two, is its texture when applied on skin. It is slightly sticky and leaves a weird filmy texture on my skin as it dries and some white streaks would appear when you rub and spread it on you skin. It’s promising but am totally not a fan and would want to try other serums instead of repurchasing this one.

Snail Bee High Content Essence, Benton

Next on the list is this ever popular product from Benton. Snail mucin is its star ingredient that is known for its anti-aging properties, ability to repair skin damage, help clear up acne/acne scars, hyper pigmentation, and more. I read a lot of positive reviews about this and most of them claims that this is their holy-grail product. And again, as a K-beauty and skincare junkie like I am I was swayed and bought it. I came across this product when I was desperately looking for a solution for my dark spots and acne scar and I loved this product because of its gel-like consistency and the cooling and refreshing effect it gave me after each application but this product didn’t do anything on my skin concerns. I have used up all of it and consistently used it morning and night but nothing. For me it was overly hyped just because it has snail mucin in it. If this worked for you though, I’m happy that it did and you are so lucky but for me, its a nay.



Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Mist, Nature Republic

My skin becomes drier because of the air conditioning in the office so I rely on this mist to give my skin an instant hydration. And because this is a mist and it is supposed to be fast absorbing, I did like it. However, this mist kind of give me a shiny finish and my face looks oily and shiny and definitely not the hydrated look I was going for. I tried using it on my arms and body instead but it’s a bit sticky on skin though it disappears after couple of seconds. My mom loves Aloe Vera and she uses this mist regularly.

Aloe Fresh Herb Aloe Cleansing Foam, Nature Republic

Here’s another Aloe Vera product from Nature Republic. I know a lot of bloggers and Youtubers love this brand. That is probably one of the reasons why I bought 2 products from them. I was sold by its huge tube for a cheaper price, however, this cleanser was so drying that I end up getting dry patches on my face for 2 weeks of using it. I wrote a detailed review of this facial cleanser that you can read here. The dry patches only disappeared after I stopped using the product for a week. If you are someone like me who impulsively buy products and easily get sold by cheap price, always, always patch test.



Fresh Herb Origin Serum, Nacific

I have a lot of things to say on this product. This serum is one of its best seller and is being described as a “curse serum” because it tingles on the skin but eventually lessens as your skin condition improves. So if you have a very bad skin condition, it would probably sting a lot. Despite that, this is actually Jun Ji-hyun’s go-to serum and a lot of people raved about this as it is packed with lots of vitamins and antioxidants. This serum claims to shrink pores, diminish wrinkles, brightens dullness and treat skin troubles. Sounds really promising, isn’t it? I bought this for my boyfriend because he has larger pores than I am but I’ve used it as well with hopes that it would brighten my skin and improve skin elasticity but this serum did not work in all that department. Each time we use this product, there was 99% chance of us getting pimples the next day. Some says that it’s just how it works and the skin is probably just going through a skin purging phase and we’re not interested. I mean, I know for sure that there are a lot of great vitamins serums out there that works great without getting pimples right? It also has a strong citrus-y scent that I still smell even if it is enclosed in its box. The company has recently re-branded and changed its name from Natural Pacific to NaciFic. I’m not sure if they change anything in their formula and concentration but I won’t repurchase this serum anymore.

My Signature C Source, Tiam

I bought this serum when I ran put of my Dear, Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamins C serum. I was not surprised that this Vitamin C serum cleared up my dark spots faster and effectively because it has a higher percentage of Vitamin C in it. It stings a little especially when it is applied to the problematic areas of your skin but I didn’t mind it long as it works. I religiously used it every night and my skin has really improved. It has a faint orange scent as well that I don’t mind at all. The only reason why I don’t want to repurchase this anymore is because of its texture and consistency. It leaves a very sticky residue when applied on skin and it leaves a very weird filmy texture that feels like I was putting an egg white instead of a serum. It’s like the product was only sitting on the surface of the skin and not being absorbed well. Skincare routine should be a fun experience and it is something that I look forward to every time but when I was using this product, I was not excited to do my skincare routine and it was already a bad sign. Though it works, the experience isn’t good in my opinion.



Premium Tomato Whitening Emulsion, Skinfood

The main reason I bought this is because I was looking for a lighter moisturizer I can use in the morning. Though I have normal to dry skin, I hate greasy and heavy moisturizers so I thought, Emulsions are a good alternative. True to its claims, the product is indeed very light and great for my morning routine however I was off with its scent. I’m not sensitive to scents but I find this one a bit artificially good like floral with a hint of artificial tomato, if that even makes any sense. Haha! It also makes me dizzy so I gave it to my mom. I used this one December last year and never used it again. Only smelled it today to describe the scent for the sake of this post. Not recommended if you are sensitive to scents or if you’re not into artificial scents.

Moisture Hand Cream, Elujai

I love hand creams and I love to always have a hand cream near my reach wherever I go but this one from Elujai isn’t that moisturizing and doesn’t smell good either. It smells like a paste glue and definitely not something you want to smell on your hands. I still have a lot of product and planning to give this one away to my friends or relatives in case they like it.

Papaw Ointment, Lucas


And we are now down to the very last item on my Anti-haul list. The very popular and well raved product, Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. If you have watched watched one of so many videos of “Push, Now na!” Filipino celebrity bag raids, you will see that most of the featured celebrities have this ointment in their bags. And since celebrities use it, then it must be really good and effective, right? This ointment from Australia is a topical product for boils, burns, chafing, cuts, cracked skin, gravel rash, splinters,open wounds, insect bites and nappy rash. I’m very prone to itch and eczema and decided to give this one a go but I didn’t see any effect on me. I mean there’s definitely no “wow” factor and and it was just like a typical petroleum jelly in my opinion, nothing special at all. If I were to buy an anti itch ointment, I’ll probably try a different one instead of spending P600 or $10 for this one.


I guess, I would end this by saying that there are really tons of different products in the market and it’s up to us whether we’ll buy it or not. But we should always be more extra careful in buying stuff if this or that is really worth it or something. I am guilty that I have so many impulse purchase that I wished I patch test first but couldn’t take that back anymore. I guess this is a lesson learned for me to always patch test first and be wise in purchasing skincare and cosmetic products because it’s my own skin and health that’s already at risk.

So that’s it for today’s blog post. I hope this post helped you in anyway and if you have any products you don’t want to repurchase as well, share it with me in the comments section below. I’d love to hear your experiences as well.



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