My Korean Beauty Haul 2019

Hi everyone!

I am back with another Korean beauty haul. These are some of the products that I’ve been accumulating for the last few months, some I’ve already tried and some are still unopened. I only got few items in this haul but these are some of the products and brands that I am very excited to try this year, so let’s start.

Madeca Derma Cream, Centellian24 (USD $26.38 / Php 1380)

First on the list is the Madeca Derma Cream by Centellian24. I just ran out of my morning moisturizer and I was looking for a lightweight cream for replacement and came across this one/


I personally love products that has Centella Asiatica (Cica) ingredient in them because Cica is known to be a very good ingredient in terms of repairing the skin and healing acne/acne scars. This ingredient is currently taking over the K-beauty world and if you’ll search online, you would see a lot of products with this ingredient, from toners, serum, essences, creams and even sheet masks. I’ve seen a lot of Cica creams online and I was torn between buying the one from Purito, Dr. Jart and this one from Centellian24 but since this one from Centellian24 was the one on sale, I decided to give this one a try first. I’ve also seen a lot of people raving about this Madeca Cream so I got curious whether the hype is real. I will definitely give you guys an update once I’ve started using this.

Acne Pimple Master Patch, CosRX * (USD $3.85 / Php 201)

Next item is the CosRX Acne Pimple Patch.


I don’t usually get acne a lot as compared to when I was younger but if I get any, I have this bad (very bad) habit of pricking them out so to kind of help me avoid touching my pimples, I’ve decided to cover them with pimple patches instead. I’ve heard that this one from CosRX is good at covering the pimples while reducing the inflammation making the pimples heal a lot faster so I thought I’d give this one a go. It has 24 small patches so not bad for the price.

All Clean Balm, Heimish * (USD $18.00 / Php 938)

I don’t usually wear make up so why the hell did I purchase an all clean balm?


It is because I’ve heard that apart from removing make up, it is also very effective in removing gunk, dirt and oil out of our skin without drying the skin at all. I have dry skin already and I actually noticed now that my skin gets very flaky than it normally does so I hope this balm from Heimish would help me clean my skin while keeping it moisturized.

Secret of Sahara Sleep Mask; Good Night, Huxley * (USD $28.00 / Php 1459)

This Sleeping Mask from Huxley is said to be very moisturizing and great for those with dry skin like me.


I love Huxley products and I’ve already tried their Anti-Gravity cream and I have nothing but good words about it. I am also a fan of Huxley packaging, I super adore their minimalist designs and they have this particular look and vibe it looks very luxurious and elegant. I bet my skin would love it too.

Gold and Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch, Petitfee * (USD $16 / Php 834)

I don’t have an eye cream at the moment because I am still looking for an affordable eye cream to try so for the meantime, I will be using eye patches to kind of help my eye area healthy and moisturized.


Look at the color of this packaging, isn’t it so gorg? The patches inside are gold too! so hello? I have try these myself!

Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, Innisfree * (USD $15.60)

I’m sure some of you are familiar with the Aztec Clay Mask which a lot of people have raved about. I have already tried it out myself but I didn’t like it because it was quite messy to use and it smells crazy specially when mixed with ACV.


So I decided to try something similar but less messy and has less odor like this one from Innisfree. I’ve already tried this Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask and the texture seems pretty similar to the Aztec Clay except that this one is no longer needed to be mixed with water or Apple Cider Vinegar.

Licorice pH 5.5 Balancing Cleansing Toner, Acwell (USD $18.92 / Php 990)

I am a fan of Asian Beauty brand toners specially Korean and Japanese toners because they’re very hydrating, healing and also affordable.


My most favorite toner is the Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Toner however it became a bit expensive so I looked for a cheaper alternative that still does a good job in terms of hydration. I came across this Acwell Licorice Balancing Cleansing Toner on YouTube that was being raved by Charlotte Cho of Soko Glam. She said it’ll make your skin plump, brighter and even skin tone, more of like a “Honey Skin” they said and once again, I was sold. This is one of the products in this haul that I am most excited to try and I’ll see if it’s gonna live up to my expectations.

Argan Glow Hair Oil, CFC Lab (USD, $10 / PHP 520)

And we are down to the last item in this haul, the Argan Glow Hair Oil. Last year, I started to invest with hair care as well and I would like to continue that this year.


Apart from skincare, I also love buying different hair care products to help me repair my chemically damaged hair. I am kind of giving my hair a rest from chemical treatments  and give it a little TLC by using more natural products. Though some of my hair care products are not organic, I am starting to incorporate products with natural ingredients little by little. I kind of like to start with hair oils this one from the brand CFC Lab has carrot seed oil, sunflower oil, and sclerocarya birrea seed oil that has antioxidants and smoothing properties. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m very excited to.


And that is it for this haul. Thank you very much for reading my blog. Let me know which products you’ve already tried. Lastly, I will have another K-Beauty haul for you guys which I’ll be posting separately featuring a mini one-brand haul so please stay tuned for that. See you in my next one! Love ya!







This is not a sponsored post and I purchased all the products with my own money. however, this post may contain affiliate links (*) which means if you click it and make a purchase through the links, I will receive a small amount of commission which will be used towards maintaining and supporting LifewithLaine and its future content.


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