Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar – Get Ready to Travel Back in Time

When I was often being asked by my friends “How do you (and Mark) normally celebrate your anniversaries” I’d say, “Pretty Simple. We just dine out, then go home and watch movies” well that’s because we’re both busy people and lazy at the same time, haha! But a few weeks ago, we’ve decided to finally make an effort and plan at least a quick overnight getaway and as someone who has lived in Manila my entire life, I want to kind of forget about the city life once in a while. I browsed for cool hotel accommodations through the Traveloka app and decided to book for an overnight stay in a Deluxe Room with breakfast for Php 7,780.50  at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar.

viber image 2019-03-20 , 13.43.40.jpg

Nestled beautifully into a lush green surrounding province of Bagac, Bataan, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar (“The Philippine Houses of Acuzar”) is Jose Acuzar‘s collection of restored Spanish-Filipino houses that were collected and carefully dismantled, relocated and reassembled at Bagac, Bataan. The place took us back in time and we were totally blown away the moment we set our foot in the resort.

The resort is 4-5 hour drive away from where we live and since it was a weekday, we made sure to travel early in the morning to avoid traffic. Our check in time is 3:00 PM but we arrived there couple of hours early so upon registration, we asked if it is possible to check in earlier than the schedule and the lady at the reception told us to wait as they check for available rooms and served us our welcome drinks. Early check ins are subject to availability of the rooms so while we were waiting and it was around lunch time, we’ve decided to eat lunch first and buy some things at Vista Mall. We were given an exit pass which you have to secure every time you leave the resort premises or upon check out.

The one blue open door in the middle is our room entrance.

We headed back to the hotel at around 1:00PM and to our surprise, we were told that there was an available room for us to check-in early so we were given our room key-cards and brochure with hotel details. We unloaded our bags, parked the car and rode their service-jeep that took us to our hotel room 207, Escolta.

We’re at room 207

The room is spacious and just perfect for couples like us. It has a little bit of a modern touch but mostly have vintage-looking pieces, flooring and windows that made it old but cozy. We have free Wi-Fi, LED TV that has cable, coffee and tea bar, storage cabinets plus two safes and a mini fridge inside the lower cabinets.

Ooops! Sorry! The room was quite messy because we’ve already settled in but trust me it was clean before we arrived 😛

And look how lovely this bathroom door is! Inside, we have a spacious contemporary designed bathroom with a bath tub and shower. There’s a hair dryer as well and complimentary soaps and shampoos.


The mirror already has a lot of stains on it and badly needs an upgrade.
This is the shower area

We have nothing bad to say about the room. We love that it looks cozy and really comfy to stay the night except the mirror in the bath. Mark said he liked how they carefully managed to put all the pieces, the lighting and the overall design together that made us felt like we are really in the 19th century.

Here, btw, is the view from our hotel room balcony.

It was a lovely day, indeed.

Since we’ve checked in early, we still had few hours to shower, rest and charged our gadgets for a while then we started our tour. Our accommodation also includes free tours which sadly we didn’t take due to time restraints. We wanted to roam around so we decided to do our own tour instead and take pictures as much as we could. In case we get back (which we probably will) I will definitely try one of the tours they offer.



This house looks stunning but a bit creepy when I took a peek inside






This is probably one of my favorite places in Las Casas. My camera and photography skills failed to capture how picturesque this place was. This is how I imagined everything when I was reading Noli Me Tangere


This is Mark when I told him to pose.


Stunning Bougainvillea

Activities at Las Casas

There are a lot of activities you can definitely try at Las Casas, sadly, we didn’t try any of them. We initially wanted to try the bicycle and the balsa but since we have a strict budget, we just enjoyed ourselves walking on the road made in cobblestones.


Price List:

Golf Cart: forgot the price
Kayak: forgot the price
Kalesa: PHP 75/person (1hour)
Balsa: PHP 500/person (1 hour)
Bicycle: PHP 200/person (1 hour)
Fish feeding: 50/person

Where to Eat

viber image 2019-03-21 , 00.04.41

There were I think 3 or more Restaurants in Las Casas but only 2 were opened when we visited. We had our dinner around 5 o’clock PM at Cusina ni Nanay Maria, a rustic restaurant specializing in authentic and Filipino cuisine. We ordered Crispy Pata (PHP 825) and their best-selling Tinapa Rice (PHP 210) and Mango Shake (PHP 160). The lady who took our order was very sweet and accommodating.

After dinner, we roam around a couple more minutes and took more pictures then headed back to our hotel room.


Cable Car


This is where the beach is. We forgot to take photos of the beach though.

Apart from the resort activities, you can get to enjoy other amenities the hotel offers which includes swimming pool and the beach. Las Casas currently has 1 public pool and 2 private pools but when we visited, the public pool was being renovated so they temporarily opened the private pools for everyone to use. These private pools are situated in a private casa/houses as well so I guess, it’ll not be available to public once the public pool opens.

The beach was clean and has a mini bar by bay. It has Inflatable Pool which is free for hotel guests and other water activities which include jet ski, wake boarding, banana boat, and more. I am not sure with the prices of each activities but you’ll have a list of this when you visit.

Day 2

We woke up around 7am and had our free breakfast around 8am at Cafe Marivent. It is a buffet-style breakfast that we really enjoyed. Their menu for that day includes Daing na Sapsap, Chicken Embotido, Pork Longganisa, Scrambled egg, Breads, Waffles, Fruits and Veggie Salad, Juice and Coffee.

I had Rice, Chicken Embotido, Scrambled Eggs, Daing and Pandesal with butter. While Mark had Longganisa and bread and eggs.

After breakfast, we headed back to our room and changed. We took another tour for one last time and bought some souvenirs before we headed back again to our room and packed our things for check out.





viber image 2019-03-20 , 13.30.46

handmade liquid soaps for PHP 250
Ref magnets

Check out is scheduled at 12:00 noon and you will pay for additional fee if you extended. Yikes!

Around 11:45am, we were picked up by the service Jeep and took us to the Reception Area. We proceed to check out and secured our exit pass. And that sums up our 2-day, 1 night stay at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. Overall, we were incredibly satisfied with our overall experience in this place. Their staffs were very friendly and really accommodating. This place and its staffs truly embody hospitality which is one of the values Filipinos are well-known for.

How to go to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

By Car

Use Google Map or Waze. 3-4 hour drive from Manila (Via NLEX) Exit at San Fernando. Take the route along Mt. Samat until you reach the town of Bagac. (Via SCTEX) If you’re coming from north, take (SCTEX) and exit at Dinalupihan.

By Public Vehicle

Day Tour

Day tour packages are also available for PHP 1500/person. This packages include a welcome drink, access to the beach and swimming pool, a guided tour of the heritage houses, and taxes & service charge. Bringing of food is strictly prohibited. A corkage fee of 500/person shall be charged.


  • Book ahead of time. Check the website to score on going deals and promotions.
  • Don’t hesitate to call the resort for questions and inquiries. Trust me, they’re very accommodating.
  • This place is huge so bring water to keep you hydrated.
  • Don’t over pack (though this is something I was guilty of)
  • Prepare an itinerary
  • Wear hats to protect you from sun
  • apply sunscreen and bring it with you when you tour the place.
  • And lastly, bring someone who can take good pictures please! Instagram-boyfie/husband will do 😀

And that’s it!!! Thank you for reading and hope to see your own adventure at Las Casas! 🙂

Manila Sales and Reservation Office
Room Reservations Direct Lines:
332.5338 / 332.5286 / 355.3032
Mobile No.: 0917.872.9361

Brgy. Ibaba, Bagac,
Bataan 2107,
PhilippinesTel: (+632) 866-8500 | (+632) 332-5286










This is not a sponsored post. All Images are mine unless stated otherwise.

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